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Ken Kerrigan is a problem solver and award-winning communications counselor. With decades of experience earned at three of the world's largest public relations agencies and more than 10 years as a director of communications at Ernst & Young, he knows how to develop purpose-driven communications strategies that make a difference and engage all stakeholders.

What is Crystal and Fire?

Public Relations is about to celebrate its centennial. While some may argue about the exact origin of the profession, many of the things we take for granted as part of today's approach to modern communications can trace their roots back to the 1920s, when pioneers like Ed Bernays handed out the first business cards offering their services as public relations counsel. During this decade Bernays would write the book Crystalizing Public Opinion. Bernays argued that public opinion could be shaped, crystalized, using the disciplines of psychology and social science. As we embrace the 2020s, the discipline of public relations is evolving, but much is still the same. Opinion can still be crystalized, but now that must be done with transparency and authenticity, over the open flame of a multitude of stakeholder views and voices. I have launched this consultancy to help you and your business flourish in this stakeholder-driven future.  


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